Blaupunkt-BTW PRO Got it all that you need (Detailed review)

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Haunting for a premium piece of True wireless earbuds??. Blaupunkt a premium brand from Germany is launching its successor in India

Blaupunkt BTW01 was a Massive hit, Blaupunkt is coming up in the market with its Pro version with some impressive upgrades

To tell you something about “Blaupunkt” it is acquired by Bosch which is a well-known brand in the industry, they produce top quality electronic equipment and also home and car audio equipment. to tell you how big they are… Top automobile giants like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW all fit Blaupunkt products into their cars, often branded with the car manufacturer’s own mark.
So you have got a rough idea about how deep-rooted they are in the sound industry…

Coming to the upcoming product Blaupunkt-BTW PRO True Wireless Earbuds they have some jaw-dropping specifications

Let’s start, Blaupunkt-BTW PRO has embedded Qualcomm aptX for High definition 24-bit audio so you can experience bass booms loud and clear

Call Quality
Hand-free calling is not new to this industry but …Blaupunkt had taken this game to the next level they have Dual Mic arrangement …So when you are talking on phone One Mic captures your sound while Other Mic Pickup sound from the surrounding for noise cancellation and the result is Crytal clear conversation

Battery life
Talking about battery life…Company has worked and thought so much about it.. that you don’t have to give a second thought
Coming to the exact numbers they have 36hrs of pretty amazing battery backup…Once you have charged the case and buds fully you can go on and on for 2 whole days

Blaupunkt-BTW PRO is ahead of its competitor even in this case they have designed and built for people on the move. Whether you are working out in the gym or sweating it out chasing a deadline you Don’t have to worry about it

Touch Controls
They Got it all yeap you heard it right…You never have to take out your phone again, whether you want to play the song pause the song or jump to next one all at your fingertips just plug and enjoy

BT- 5.0
This is expected for better connectivity, faster pairing and more efficient battery usage, Covering a wide range of area soo no breaks in your entertainment

Nxt Level Noise cancellation
It filters out all sound and takes care that nothing disturbs you, there is a built-in mic which captures the surrounding sound and eliminates it to create a calm environment or ground where you can decide to play with sound or just use it to filter out the world

Convenience in Pairing
Here you also get the Convenience of Auto Pairing means No master, no slave earbuds, you can automatically pair with your device as soon as you take out them out of the case. The earbud you take out first becomes the master earbud

They might be the wireless earbuds you are looking for coz they got it all…They are best in sound quality with Qualcomm aptX HD 24-bit audio, More than enough battery life, Noise cancellation, IPX7 rating, Full function touch control and as Blaupunkt says…The list of advantages is long. Enjoy them as you discover them.

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