MIVI roam Best Bluetooth Speaker under 1000 rupees

First of all this tinny little speaker fits in your hand very much perfectly and comes in Four colour variants Black Orange Red Blue and Grey and the one which normally you can spot in people’s hand are Black and Grey…Check availability of your favorite colour here

Sound Quality
Coming to what it is meant for that is Sound Quality …After using for almost 3 months, seriously in love with this speaker Unbelievably loud for the small size, Sound is too smooth and clear. Vocals are well distinguished and pretty loud with decent bass.
The only con I found is on the full volume the bass numbs the vocals, best when played on 70% volume you save a lot of battery, as well as best vocals and bass combination, is delivered.

Compact design as you can make out in pictures, And it is also lightweight unlike other speakers, It has got the loop strip which makes it easy to carry.
I have personally carried it to trekking it was such a great companion and I must also say it is way more rough and tough to use then it appears to be.

Battery Life
Another major thing we consider before buying any Bluetooth speaker is Its battery life Mivi roam gives you 6 hours of musical happiness in one charge (But only when used at 70% volume) frankly speaking at 70% volume it sounds so loud that you would hardly push “+” button beyond thatOne Loophole I should point out here is IT doesn’t come with fast charging we shouldn’t be even expecting it, at this price point…So, in short, the speaker charges slowly but this can be neglected as this is a budget-oriented product.

Bluetooth 5.O
Mivi roam has Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology So no more lags in connectivity and speaker covers a wide range & keeps you seamlessly connected while you roam around.
It does have aux connectivity but from our point of view what’s the point in connecting aux in Bluetooth speaker you can use it in some rare cases but it might get messy.

Build quality
This Bluetooth speaker is pocket-friendly but MIVI make sure that you don’t compromise on quality, It is Dust and waterproof design with IPX67 rating So makes sure you play music in all weather conditions Quality of its material also feels premium, Mivi also claims to have a protective layer which allows you to toss it in a backpack or carry it everywhere you go.

Other specs
It has adaptive buttons which is very much blends in speaker design,one for play and pause other two are for volume control and last one power on/off button and it also comes with built-in mic for hands-free calling.
On top Mivi claims to build a worry-free product. But just in case you have an issue, this product comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and amazing customer service.

Just go for it, this is what we can say you coz it is packed with so many good things in such a little size except slow charging everything about this Bluetooth speaker is on the brighter side Comment down below which colour you are buying

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