Syska Eargo IEB100 (Review) Is it worth buying?

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Syska has launched its first-ever Wireless Earphone Syska Eargo IEB100 It comes with some cool specification, first and foremost thing it fits into your ear quite perfectly so talking about the design it is somewhat mango shaped, yeap it might sound funny but this design helps earbuds to sit in your ear perfectly, Both earbuds have got light indicators which include red blue and purple light for different indications, Some may find it weird to have huge light indicators, but yeah you get it on both side

comming on to other specifications, It has an IPX4 rating so they are water and dust resistant, So you dont need to worry about getting it wet…1 thing I found interesting here is.. syska provide some extra earbuds as usually we get with every other earphone but here they don’t call it earbuds.. They call it ear gel… the reason behind that is still hidden but according to me they are just getting creative with the naming game

Syska eargo provides you less than 4 hours of talktime and upto 4.5 hours of music time which could have been much more better, coz at the end of the day when it comes to earbuds comfort, sound quality and battery life is all that matters

Bluetooth range of this device is quite decent it covers upto 10meters which is more than enough

yotsna Uttamchandani, Executive Director of Syska Group said, “We believe that wireless technology is the future and have seen an increasing demand for these products especially among millennial and GenZ customers.

As a brand that is constantly innovating and launching trendy products that cater to our ever-evolving customer needs, we have launched the Syska IEB100 EarGo Wireless Earphones that will bring convenience into their music listening experience. This latest product from Syska is offering consumers both class and convenience at the same time.”

On Syskas official site they are priced for 5310 but you can grab it on amazon at a discounted rate of 3199 rupees BUT… yes there is but again Don’t get me in a negative way but competition is really tough in this segment, It really feels good that Indian manufacturers are coming up with products by taking youth into consideration but the price point at which syska is offering it is quite high

Because Some brands who are well known in this industry are offering earbuds at almost same range with much more specifications,

To point at some, at 4000 segments one of the popular brands JBL is holding its position tight with its JBL C100 TWS which has some jaw-dropping specs and offcourse powerful bass you can check its full specification here…..

comming to other options you have Boat airdopes 382 in the list which has almost same specifications as Syska Eargo but Boat do looks and feels premium

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