Valentine’s Gift that makes her feel special | 1more cute wireless earphones (February 2020)

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We all know that It’s bloody hard shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, and greeting cards, roses, clothes are too main-stream and your loved one will not be that surprising to see it, Instead, get your significant other a brand new glossy shiny gadget that will surely amaze her, and even you will be astonished to see her jaw-dropping reaction…

However, As your other half will be fantasizing you when listening to romantic songs, so why not give her another reason to remember you each time she pulls out earbuds to dive into it Melodious world…Let me tell how 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds will be the best valentine gift to make her feel special

1. Design
we are all familiar with term “Love at First Sight” that was our experience when we had the 1st glance, looking at picture you can make it out how beautiful they are, you can also watch every Damm review on youtube, all are just impressed by its Design and look what 1more speaks about it “The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds weren’t just designed to please, we aimed to stun” Kudos to designing team for making a premium, super luxurious product design as compare to that of other earbuds available with same boring designs and colors, The Stylish True Wireless Earbuds are given a sleek metallic finish making it a center of attraction and really filtering you out of crowd.
So, you are looking for something that will be appealing to her eyes, here is your glossy set of cute Lil earbuds

2. Sound Performance
If we are buying a set of earbuds sound quality is the first and foremost thing we should look after, So to sum-up in one line 1more has done a brilliant job..the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds are fitted with a custom-made 7mm dynamic driver with a titanium diaphragm that balances powerful bass and delivers crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact capsule.
There is one quote that is very famous around ages that is “It is hard to find Beauty with Brain” this is also true when it comes to buying earbuds, Some earbuds delivers best sound quality but have to bare there bulky designs, while some are pretty good with there looks but are torchers to ears …But there are always exceptions As our special-ones are, So do this earbuds making its way out to be an exception by delivering world-class sound with an Elegant design among that which are present in the market.

Luca Bignardi is a Grammy award-winning Audio Engineer and Sound Designer, So 1more has taken care of each and every tinny little thing so that you could experience the best sound with up to date technology embedded in it as it comes with Qualcomm chip with aptX and AAC hi-res transmission technology that is optimized for better-sounding Bluetooth audio

So there is a lot to discuss about technological specifications coz it power-packed with all latest technologies that we expect from premium True wireless Earbuds, Long story short let a have quick look at it…

-It comes with fast charging so 15 mins of charge will give you 3-hrs of battery backup which is pretty amazing and 24 hrs of battery life with charging case

-It comes with Qualcomm chipset for a stable unbreakable connection

-It comes with Multiple paring mode

-You don’t have to worry if she is having IOS or Android device, It is compatible with both operating systems

-Last one to mention It has 1-year warranty If in rare case anything happens you get a cover up to 1 year

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